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AI Will—and Should—Change Medical School, Says Harvard’s Dean for Medical Education

As artificial intelligence helps automate and accelerate physician tasks, healthcare providers have the opportunity to provide more compassionate care – in the form of more human centric face to face interaction and physical examination.

“And I’m imagining that after a clinical encounter, which is going to be more face-to-face time and more effective in compassionate communication, then the physician will be able to turn to the screen aided by AI and have a note drafted, have a differential diagnosis listed, have laboratory results from the online medical record that might be relevant to the conversation pulled up, maybe have letters to consultants already drafted—things that might’ve otherwise taken the physician quite a lot of time to search for in the past. And knowing that that is running in the background should give me as the physician more opportunity and more leeway to spend time talking with my patient the way I really ought to have been all along.”

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