believes in leveraging AI with the goal of improving access to MRI and patient care. The company’s FDA-Cleared One Click™ MRI solution elevates the standard of care for cardiac imaging.’s cardiac solution takes control of an existing MRI machine and performs a cardiac exam from start to finish with only one mouse click. The exam takes a fraction of the time of a traditional exam, and contains scans for AI-assisted localization, dynamic stress imaging, LV function, 4D flow assessment, and myocardial delayed enhancement. With the One Click™ Cardiac package, scanning is simple, time efficient, affordable, and highly consistent.

Koios Medical is a developer of an ultrasound image analysis software platform designed to offer decision support for cancer diagnosis. The company’s platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a system which is trained on hundreds of thousands of images combined with data from pathology results, enabling healthcare institutions to detect and diagnose cancer with better accuracy along with improving clinical decision making and quality of care. 

Inference Analytics has built a platform called Inference Analytics Neural Network (IANN) that uses deep learning to understand the language of healthcare with the goal of improving physician productivity and quality of care. The IANN platform has been trained to solve specific use cases by understanding the language contained within radiology reports. Use cases include protocoling, auto impression suggestion, incidental finding, labeling, and follow-up identification. 

Elucid enables precision medicine for cardiovascular disease.  It has developed FDA-cleared and CE-marked cardiovascular diagnostic image analysis software that evaluates atherosclerotic plaque stability.  From a single CT Angiography study it can help determing the risk of major cardiac events and stroke as well as guide treatment selection.

Segmed takes curated medical datasets and turns them into useful tools to develop AI in medical imaging and revolutionize healthcare.  All the data is anonymized, standardized and labeled.

Winner – “Best New Radiology Vendor” – Aunt

Delivering CAD That Works®, CureMetrix is committed to the advancement of technology that improves cancer survival rates worldwide. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to develop the next generation of medical image analysis, CureMetrix delivers technology that radiologists, healthcare systems and patients can confidently rely on.

Key solutions:

  • cmTriage™: The first FDA-cleared software in the U.S. that uses the power of AI to enable radiologists to customize, sort, and prioritize their mammography worklists based on cases that may need immediate attention, allowing for case triage and reduced administration.

  • cmAssist®: A proprietary, investigational SaaS intended to help identify, mark and score regions of interest on screening and diagnostic mammograms.

A.I. Analysis Inc. uses machine learning to reduce cost and risk, making radiologists’ lives easier. Through their suite of tools, including the Change Detector for serial image comparison, the Synthetic Enhancement Boost tool for reduced contrast dose, and the T2-FLAIR mismatch detector for biopsy avoidance, they enable radiologists to do things they would not otherwise be able to do. A.I. Analysis makes your life easier, so your practice can be more profitable and you can focus on the high value tasks where you thrive.

Bunkerhill is building an open platform for clinical validation and deployment of AI models for radiology. It will run prospective clinical trials for multiple institutions and integrate algorithms into radiology workflows by introducing a plug & play infrastructure. This streamlined methodology could promote widespread clinical adoption of AI solutions and help solve the last mile problem for AI in medical imaging.

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Bold Brain was founded by its partners to create a mechanism through which physicians can play an active role in the development of AI enabled healthcare companies. Bold Brain believes that physician involvement is critical in developing medical AI that truly improves patient care, physician practices and outcomes. 
The Bold Brain Network offers CEOs of medical start-ups the opportunity to tap into a network of physicians who have expressed a desire to become involved in the evolution of healthcare AI. The Bold Brain vision is to create a channel which allows all interested physicians, regardless of their professional or business experience, an opportunity to be directly involved in the development of medical AI.

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