Bold Brain seeks investment with startups (typically A, B & C funding rounds) with early stage life sciences companies focused on transformational AI-enabled technologies.
Such investment opportunities do not typically exist for the individual physician investor for two primary reasons. Firstly, most successful companies do not want to complicate their capitalization tables with hundreds, or even thousands of individual investors, as the company progresses through its funding rounds. Secondly, most individual physicians do not have the large sums of money that would be required to take a stake in a particular round of funding by themselves. However, companies in the medical field do prefer to have doctors as investors due to the fact that physicians are the end users of their products and can provide significant feedback to improve the likelihood of product success. 
Bold Brain creates a win-win situation for all parties involved. Physicians gain access to opportunities in venture capital that would have been otherwise  unavailable to them, and growth stage AI companies gain physician capital, talent and networking opportunities. 
Our Portfolio of Companies